Monday, April 18, 2011


I first wanted to introduce you to my super talented college buddy, Emily, who is one of the most impressive artist's I know.  She is not only the most amazing photographer but also the most fun, beautiful, silly, upbeat, quirky, hilarious, FULL OF LIFE person I know!!  She has a passion for what she does because I think she finds a connection to each individual she photographs.  Here is a little excerpt from her blog.

"i am a natural light photographer specializing in families, children & weddings. i love finding connections between people, be it children and their siblings or a bride and a groom. moments are fleeting--my hope is to step in and catch the moments before they are gone..
i began a personal blog 'looking for lulu' over four years ago, so i have been documenting my families life for quite awhile. this space will continue what i started at my previous blog: a place to share/record bits of our little lives. it will also be dedicated to the occasional sneak peak from photo sessions and weddings. i know from experience that blogs have a way of changing direction over time. so we will see."

Her precious and most vivacious girl Lulu

In college, we went abroad to Italy one summer to participate in an art program and that's where I really saw how incredibly talented this girl was!  Not only does she rock the pastels and the paint brush (she used to be a child's pastel portrait artist) but her ability to capture a moment in time with a camera is right on.  Take a look here at her blog and portfolio and you will see what I mean.

  So, enough of my rambling.

 I wanted to share her  recent RV trip she went on with her little girl Lulu and her sister's family a few weeks back.  Heartfelt and Hilarious.  Maybe because I have a connection with Emily did I feel this way, but my heart skipped a beat  when I viewed this little movie of her trip with the fam.  Kinda makes you want to go out and rent one doesn't it?   Hope this will bring a smile to your face as it did to mine:)

 Kings of the Road
click here and you can watch the video


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