Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Boys

This has been a super busy weekend beginning with my baby G's 1st birthday!  I cannot believe sweet baby G is one already!  I know everyone says that but, I really am having a hard time believing that one whole year has gone by!!!  We celebrated with family on Friday evening with cake and beer.   

favorite spot 

box cake + homemade icing

my favorite picture with "Rabbit" (my dad)

enough said

We woke up in a frenzy Saturday morning to rush off to the soccer fields for R's first soccer game!  Such a cute bunch of boys!  R is on the far right...they won!  Then headed home to rush around a little more to get ready for the "all boy" 4 year old superhero party.  Strict orders from the b-day boy. 4???  

The happy boy grew muscles between soccer game and party time:)  Can you see the blue mustache?  His favorite drink of all time is gatorade...didn't realize it stained!

I got my idea here from Paula over at Two Ellie.  She did a lot of similar decorations for her son's 4th birthday party a month or so ago.  

Here are the oreo truffles from Bakerella.  I think I mentioned on my last post that I made a test batch to make sure all worked out.  Well, they worked out.  Problemo.  Only because I want to eat 27 of them in one sitting .   I made two batches, popped them in the freezer and they were perfect the day of the party!  I just let them thaw for  a few hours on the counter  the day of so the lollipop stick could slide in easily.

box mix + canned icing = homemade cake topper:)

Happy, happy boy!!!!

Side note:  You know what he has been chanting around the house tonight?  "Justin Beaver, Justin Beaver, etc...."  I couldn't help but laugh each time.  And how does he even know of this "Beaver" guy???  Ha!


Melissa said...

I cannot believe how much your boys look like "big" Robertson! Wow! I guess I technically have known your husband my whole life. Our parents/grandparents have been friends forever :) Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy!

katie stevenson said...

amazing! I need to take notes on your fabulous decorations! The "pow" and "bam" were such great touches, and the Blue Chickadee party favors were adorable! Bravo!

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