Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whoo Hoo Giveaway!!!!!

I am so lucky!!! I was recently contacted by my friend, Travis Dew, who said she wanted to do a Whoo Hoo giveaway on her blog of blue chickadee!!! How awesome is that! Travis is a super talented photographer who will shoot weddings, family pics, artwork, you name it! I first got to know her years back when I was teaching her little ones when they were 2 year old preschoolers!!!! That was about 8 years ago which is so hard to believe! I stopped teaching when I had little R, but I have loved crossing paths with the families from that wonderful time in my life. If you are anything like me, and totally get sucked into other people's blogs-blog stalker-you will love travis' blog. She's got it. The knack, that is. One snap tells a story....So thank you, thank you Travis for being so kind to photograph my artwork and my family!

Check out her blog and enter by making a comment below the blue chickadee post and WIN a $50 gift certificate towards any blue chickadee item(s)!!!! The drawing will end Sunday, December 19, so hurry and post a comment!!!!


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