Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swine Standoff

Been a week!!!!  I am really slacking on the blogging front!!!  I am waiting for the dew to dry and I am going to go outside and photograph my latest painting (pillow)..."swine standoff."  My friend Margeaux has agreed to sew canvas pillow covers for me to paint.  The first one I have finished is the one I will have photographed today.  It is a 20X20 pillow cover.  She is also making me a few that are 18X18 and one that is 12X16-perfect baby pillow size.  I am really hoping that these will be a hit!!!  The idea is you can throw he anywhere-chair/ sofa/ bed/ crib.  I haven't some up with a price yet but I will keep ya posted!!!

I have also painted a few cotton flour sacks that are the perfect size and weight for a swaddling blanket/ lightweight cover for the stroller/ or a burp cloth throw.  No children...... you could use these as decorative kitchen towels.  If any spills should occur, they are very fast drying because of how thin they are!  Pictures on the way... nap time can't come soon enough!!!!!


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