Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Tote Bag Photos-Must See!!!

"Zig Zag" hand painted 13X13X3 tote bag.  The perfect beach bag or library bag!!!  I use mine to tote everything from headphones and water bottles to the gym, as well as my son's snack and diapers!  Throw it in the wash and let air dry for best results.  Hot iron if sensitive to wrinkling!!!!
"Tree Frog Jump"  is a 13X13X3 hand painted tote bag.

"Elephant Stampede" is a hand painted 13X13X3 tote bag.  

"Trio of Apples" hand painted 13X13X3 tote bag.  

Pair o' Cherry hand painted tote 13X13X3.  Perfect for you or your precious little girl!  

Ok, so I finally took some more pictures of my most recent hand painted totes.  Boy, it is H-O-T outside today.  August heat in South Carolina is brutal, but I thought the lighting was best outside to capture the crisp color of each bag.  They are all over the board as far as designs go!  I am always trying to think of something new to do.  As you know, I am always open for suggestions, after all, custom pieces are kind of my thing!!!!  Hope you like what you see....


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