Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moved In?

Well, people.  We did it.  We're back home.  Been looking forward to this day for the past 3 1/2 months!!!  I am dying to show you all pictures but I can't.  You see, the house looks like a bomb went off!  I can't seem to get things straight.  We moved in Thursday, almost two weeks ago now and then moved out to the beach with my in laws that Sunday(3 days later) for a week?!?!? Crazy, right!  It actually was the most relaxing week I have had because I just checked out.  I couldn't deal with the disarray our house was in so I just avoided it.  We live only 7 minutes from our in laws beach place (fyi) so it would have been an easy trip over, but I just didn't want to deal!  HA!  So now, I'm dealing.  It's coming together slowly.   A few have asked so I will share a couple photos but there's nothing too exciting yet because I haven't hung very many pictures and I am kind of Type A like that.  

Get ready for 100 photos.  Sorry...

First shot of our pantry with butcher block counter.  I'm in love to say the least!

View of our breakfast area off the kitchen looking out to backyard

Before shot

View from L.R. into kitchen with a peek of blue in the dining room.  This picture was taken before our blue Moroccan tile backsplash went in.  And I thought it would really bother me not having our light fixtures in yet, but so far very little annoyance.  Talk to me in a few months when they still aren't installed.

A before shot

Blue Moroccan Tile=LOVE

This is Mr. Big's bedroom.  I already had it painted with stripes before we moved out so I decided to keep them.  He moved into a big boy bed when we moved back in so I'll have to take a picture to share with you soon.  He is so proud of himself!!!

Master bath.  Still waiting on a mirror, but loving the transformation!

Came home from the beach on Sunday to find our house painted a new color.  This is only primer on the porch and the house only has one coat so far.  I'll give a more updated pic at the end of the week.  Can't wait to see the porch painted in my favorite color.....

Before shot

Lowes indoor/outdoor fan.  

Did a little picture arranging/hanging with my dad the day after we moved in.  
Right: My dad's painting
Bottom Left: my painting

Little R's masterpiece

Moving on to the beach, Sullivans Island to be exact.  Heaven on earth!  Our view each morning...hard to beat!

Triple threat
My cuz, Jane's little boy on the left with my two

A sweet moment with my boys

Little R and his big bad self

Caught a few sunrises with my littlest badger:o

"Machi" (my MIL) and her boys

My precious, precious nephew

Lobster birthday celebration last Friday night with my sister in law.  Big R bought 2 1/2 lb lobsters for each of us?!?  Didn't think we could make a dent, but we did???

A little light eating after a glutonous week at the beach:)

Ok, sorry to go on and on.  I can be a little long winded!!!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!  Big R and I are off to celebrate my birthday tonight at The Grocery and I CANNOT wait!!!!


Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Way Way, your home looks amazing. I reaaaally love the master bath. And how about that beach house view. I don't blame you for hanging there. Have fun tonight -- happy birthday!!

lizziefitz said...

Happy Birthday! I am so excited for you, you home is fabulous!!! I want to see more! What color is the pantry? So chic:)

katie stevenson said...

Happy Birthday, WW! You and my mom share a bday, FYI :) The house looks INCREDIBLE!! I can't wait to come by next week and bring you a happy.

blue chickadee said...

Thanks girls!!! The pantry wall color is Farrow & Ball Downpipe-IN LOVE!!!! It is the perfect shade of dark grey!!!

Little Fish said...

Way Way!! OMG, it looks fabulous! I can not wait to get over there! Have fun tonight!! xx

Balboa Jewelry/ Jane Pope Collection said...

Love the pics! Wade looks like a super chunk compared to your lean boys. We loved being with you guys and miss "ruffington" and gibbies!! Wade said, "happy day way way" all day today. Zoxo

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