Friday, February 24, 2012

Seeing Double

As some of you know, we are doing a few changes to our house.  One thing we were not going to touch was our master bath-which is a joke because it literally is the WORST feature of our house. 

 Every one of those drawers collapses when you pull it out.  You know when it's not on  a "track" so you pull and the whole drawer drops.  They did take the trim off-it wasn't THAT bad before. 
(See where Mr. Big grabbed my black permanent eyeliner and went to town.)

Originally, the bathroom just wasn't fitting into the plan although I think I wished it would POUF.... change into one of these lovely spaces below overnight.  Forgot to also mention this sink/vanity thing is in our bedroom.  The door was for the shower and toilet only:)  Like an old school Holiday Inn or "Sleep Inn."  Wha???  

Well, Big R came to his realtor senses and realized we probably did need to address this supremely ugly part of our house if we were updating in other areas.  I mean the guys were there demoing (is this  a  word) already right??

This leads me to my question.  We only have space enough for one sink-Boo.  But not the end of the world in my opinion because I'm thinking I can psych myself into thinking I have two separate spaces by having two mirrors above the vanity.  Good decision or no????  

Purty.  Although I know it's not in  a bathroom...but the idea is there.

Again, not a good example but pretty mirrors.

So, here we go.  Nice idea huh?!  I know, it works because there are two sinks and two mirrors, but imagine there being one sink.  I think it would still work.

Again, lovely.

Really perfection!!!

So thoughts???  One sink, two mirrors.  Yes?!

And for those interested here are a few recent pics of whats happening at the ole homestead

This whole section without brick is getting knocked out and pushed out a few feet to make a flush wall with the chimney and a  further extension for a soon to be screen porch.

View from inside looking out.  Whole wall/window about to be knocked out.

Next day wall was gone

View from the backyard looking into the living room (right) and kitchen (left) from the big gaping hole in the house:)  Excited but Yikes!!!  


Melissa Wagner said...

What a fantastic idea!! I have the **exact** same sink! Great idea! Cannot wait for your final results!!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

I love the idea of two mirrors in a major way. Go for it, I think it will still look great over one sink. I can't wait til the day we can renovate our house, the list keeps growing of what I want to do!

Whitney Otto said...

Great idea -- the two mirrors will definitely create the illusion of two spaces! Love a pair of mirrors anywhere.

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