Thursday, February 16, 2012


Where have I been you may ask?
Well, right here
We're spending a little family time out at Sullivans Island this week.  
The boys are in heaven!

A few updated reno pictures....

View from living room into kitchen with the beginnings of the vault.

My sweet on the left- on our way to Valentine's supper.  The only time I can sneak into the house without the kiddos is at night, so I apologize for the horrible pictures!  Here you can see the actual framed vault and the new framed out kitchen wall-pushed out  a few feet from the original design ( you can see where the hardwoods continue into the kitchen from the L.R.(  Sorry if this is so boring to y'all, it's a way for me to document what's happening.

Our precious nephew baby G pushing Mr. Big in his wagon.

And back to work now.  Her's a little vignette in Novel. featuring a few new purses by Library: Archives of Fashion.    Umm, obsessed is all I can say!

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Uhhh, not sure how I forgot to mention why I have also been a little behind on my posts....
I ran over my IPad
  Bet you can say you have never done that.  How you may wonder?  Well, lets see.  I generally have 39 bags I am loading in the car at the same time as buckling in my bucking bronco almost 2 year old, and my Ipad (snug as a bug in it's case) fell on the driveway under the car.  And, lets just say 90 seconds go by and my memory fails me, I get in the driver seat, buckle up and we're off.   Get home (I was leaving from my friend Lauren's house) put Mr. Big to bed and go retrieve my IPad from the car. 
 Oh, wait, it's not there. 
 Hmmmm where could it be BUT IN THE DRIVEWAY AT LAUREN"S WITH TIRE TRACKS OVER IT!!!!!!!!  Argggg not my day.  Much too long story short, make my appt. at Apple and the IPAD Gods and Goddesses are giving me a new one-FO FREE!!!  They must have been reading the worry lines on my forehead to be so kind!!!!  Woo HOOO!!!  They rock!  
Lesson Learned, don't drop your IPad and then run over it...


katie stevenson said...

The Apple Gods/Goddesses are certainly smiling down on you! So happy you got it replaced! Can't wait to see the house--the vaulting is tres fabulous. xx

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