Monday, January 9, 2012


You know I'm a fan.  And when I finally sat down to look at my new West Elm, I was super excited to see these...

I'm a fan of the poufs

want these for sure

really diggin' the striped rugs

And no, this is not a new addition to the West Elm collection, I thought I would sow you some recent happenings with blue chickadee.  I have been messing around with block printing and tried it out on a paper bag first, but planning to do some new looks for the muslin bags.  Here's a pic of my first few tries with a potato....

I think the middle one is my favorite.  I used these 4"X6" bags to house photos of the boys to give as gifts to their grandparents and aunts/uncles.  You can see above I just used a boiling red potato and a corn sticker as my handle.  

On to other news, I'm not sure if I have mentioned this recently but we are moving out!  Not for long, just a few months so we can get a little work done on the house.  I thought I would share a few "before" pics if you will. 

Big R insisted on throwing a BCS party at our house (1 week before the move-love you;)) so I decided it would be an opportune time to snap a few before shots..

And yes, this was the final showing on the big screen in the backyard.  Big R couldn't handle Clemson's loss and took it down with a butcher knife.  Poor sport if you ask me:)  We will now be watching movies on the garage doors:(

So back to the move, we are moving THURSDAY.  Wait that's in 3 days...should be interesting getting our house packed up with these type of shenanigans going on....

waterproof BLACK eyeliner=awesome.  
Decided to remove with a monogrammed hand towel. 

Just to give you a visual of the current state of things here.
Fun times! 


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