Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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You ever get in a coffee rut?  I'm in one and need to find a way out.  Any good coffee recs?  Not so happy with my Mr. Coffee.  So I want to know, Keurig-si o no?   xoxo, one tired momma


Liz said...

Hey WayWay! We love our Cuisinart, but when we have time, we get coarse ground coffee from a local place up the street and use a french press. Best Coffee Ever! Keurigs are great (we had one at our office once) but I hate to only have the option to buy those little k-cup things. Hope you are well!!! Loved your post yesterday too. Boys will be boys!

katie stevenson said...

We're OBSESSED with the Breville K-cup maker...and it's very aesthetically pleasing. I'm finally catching up on my blogs and am devouring yours!

katie stevenson said...

PS. And you can always go the "My K Cup" route (Target has them) so that you can use your fave coffee grounds and still make an individual cup. The best of both worlds!

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