Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ashley Warnock Photography

Wow, I am so lucky!!!  I was thinking about how many mega talented artistic girlfriends I have and I am just blown away!!!!  Among my nearest and dearest are artists, jewelry designers, graphic designers, photographers, seamstresses, culinary delights, and the list goes on....  Just so proud of all my gals for going after their passion in life and doing what they love.  Oh and most of these ladies are mommas too!  Oh how do we juggle it all????!!!!  

Lets cut to the chase here people, one of these uber talented ladies happens to be a friend of mine here in Charleston.  Ashley Warnock to be exact and she is such an amazing photographer, particularly of children in my opinion!  Not to mention she is the sweetest and most kind person you will meet in your life!!!!!  My sister in law grew up with her in Montgomery, Al and a college buddy lived with her in NYC so lets just say we were meant to meet at some point in our lives.  She and her husband and their two adorable little ones live here now and she has a thriving photography business, Ashley Warnock Photography.  Go check her out!  Ok, ok sorry to go on lets see some pics...

The three badgers.  
This middle angel is my nephew, Baby G.

Sweet Sweet boy

Speed demon above and daddy with Mr. Big down below:)

The Blender.  This is were we spend lots of time with R's family.  This house has been in their family for many generations and time is divided among all of the R's dad's cousins still.  Even so, we spend about 4 full weeks a year here.  The luckiest part for us is it is only about 7 minutes from our house!!!   Many, many great memories here!!!!!

Oh and don't forget to come to our holiday party at Novel. if you are in the Charleston area!!!


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