Monday, March 29, 2010

NOVEL. Chapter 2

Come see what's new at NOVEL. during the month of April!  If you didn't make it in March, Lauren Lail and Jane Pope have extended their store hours to go through the month of April.  Lots of great looking vintage clothes by Library, one of a kind pieces of jewelry by Jane Pope Jewelry/ Balboa and swimwear by Marysia.  Furniture provided by ESD and artists of all different talents are showing their work this upcoming month!  Store hours for this 438 King Street temporary shop are 12-6 Monday-Saturday so stop on by!!!   

Totes and More by blue chickadee!!!!
Large Totes perfect for our beach excursions!  They measure 20" X 16" X 5" and are only $34!
Bloomers are $18 each and onesies are $12 each... all of the above can be customized.
More small totes measuring 13" X 13" X 3" hanging above this beautiful photograph by Julia Lynn Couey!  The bags sell for $24 each!
A sampling of items by different artists/ vendors.  blue chickadee tote and apple painting on wood accompanied by vintage finds by Library, some of Ruth Campbell's creations, and ESD accessories.
Two fabric paintings by blue chickadee.


Unknown said...

Your bags are fabulous! I really enjoy stopping by! Now following :) xo

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