Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Playin

You haven't heard from me in a while...again.  I apologize.  Family trip to celebrate my father in law's heart surgery recovery happened over the boys Fall Break so I decided to take a break too.  The fam (the WHOLE fam including grandparents/ children/grandchildren-10 of us in all) ventured down to the Turks + Caicos for "a little fun in the sun" or should I rephrase that and say "a little vomit in a la commode." (Not me of course because I will do anything not to throw up.  I have that phobia for real.   I held a shirt over my face to resist the urge.)  It was horrible.  Horrible Horrible... six in all went down.
Its true....The Griswolds live on!   At least we had a stunning view to look at after lifting our heads up off the bathroom floor?  Could have been worse is what we kept telling each other.  Could it have been?  Yes.  It could have but it definitely felt like we were dying and to me that is up there with the worst.  So now that you know that our trip wasn't all smooth sailing , you can move past any jealous thoughts and now I can show you some fun pics from our time down there....

I'll start with this gorgeous view

and then these three precious badgers

now lets move on to the real stuff
my zany father in law

I think there may be some under water pinching going on????

This little guy learned to swim... 

up to something...

Euro baby:)
My adorable nephew with his momma

Lots of this happening - I cannot stand to get wet before I'm ready to get wet you know.  Well, gone are those days.  Cannonball city.

And I'll end with this sweet picture from our last night-haha!

This is  a "please don't put your hand on my hair while we take this picture!!!!!!!!!#%$^%$^$^#"  and he's saying without saying "Oh My **&^((& lets get this over with!&^&%&"

Fun Family Times!!!

I'll check back in tomorrow with a few new pieces I have been working on that are for SALE!!!!


Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Ohhh my gosh, so sorry you all weren't well. But it looks like a gorgeous trip! And that floral bikini top is to die for pretty.

The Hawkins said...

Looks fabulous (minus the sickness)! Do you have any info on the house you rented? We are looking for a place to rent for Christmas.

Bon Vivant said...

Laughing out loud!!

katie stevenson said...

HATE that y'all all had that horrible bug! The pic of you catching Gibbes is a gem--LOVE!

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