Friday, September 10, 2010

Tags and Bloomers

Here are a few things that I have recently been working on for some friends.  I so wish I had a little fanny to cover with one of these hand painted bloomers.  I have to admit, I have thought about putting them on baby g, just to see how cute they would be....i think big r would have a few words for me if ever found out. Don't tell!!!!
I just got these in the mail from an adorable shop on Etsy called Bitsy Creations.  These are iron on tags for my blue chickadee line.  She was able to take my logo and transfer it onto these adorable tags!  Don't you think they turned out well?!  I had to get iron on because  a)  I don't have the time to sew on each one and b) I am not very good with the sewing machine!  So, these were the answer....
Couldn't have done any of this without this little cutie pie!


Unknown said...

That's a very clever idea. Iron ons also won't irritate the baby's skin like a sewn tag would.

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