Sunday, January 24, 2010

Asian Inspired Hand Painted Pillow Covers

Here are a few examples of my latest pillow cover paintings.  These two are 18"X18" and painted on each side.  This is an up close view of the lime green koi fish and the next picture is of the pair.  These were painted for a friend's little girl's room which is Asian inspired.

Below is a picture of the reverse side of the 18"X18" pillow cover with a light blue crane.  Just below this picture is a picture of the pair on my bed.  I think these will be adorable in a little girl's room or even in an adult's bedroom!  

Each 18"X18" two sided hand painted pillow cover is priced at $45.   If you were only to have one side painted, it would be $30 for each 18"X18" pillow cover.  You may email me directly is you are interested in purchasing at 


Brooke said...

These are fabulously amazing! I put this picture on my blog. :)

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